Flight Schools

Learn before flying

In spite of the necessary flying time dictated by Aviation Schools pilots and trainee pilots need a lot of practice, and simulators are the perfect cost-saving answer. Pilots can hop on and off and get to fly as much as they want and need. Regardless of the real weather conditions they can practise at any time of the day and undergo all possible situations in a safe environment. They can put immediately into action what they have learnt in a training lecture. Gain knowledge from their mistakes immediately understanding what went wrong and how to improve. Simulators allow trainees and experienced pilots to try out possible dangerous manoeuvres to improve quick-thinking and decision-making skills.


For development, testing and demonstrations

Flight simulators are the best tools for production engineering and marketing as they benefit the designing and testing phase. They improve performance, help studying new maneuvers, and support correction and refining of new strategies. Simulators give potential customers an easy and immediate experience of the chosen aircraft, something that cannot be done by simply showing the machine. Producers can give a feel of the product without needing to organise a real flight. The software and the mathematics allow to simulate flight dynamics keeping into consideration different parameters like consumption and efficiency, together with other factors important to the end user.

Approved Training Organizations (ATO)

Licenses, type ratings, renewals and other courses

Certified ATOs (Approved Training Organizations) can operate qualified full flight simulators (FFS) in order to issue and renew licenses, type rating, and other training as granted by EASA and manufacturer, regardless time limits, weather conditions.
Every training activity can be coducted safely, costs-saving and in line with environmental and social criteria.

Military Applications

For advanced training, testing and more

Discover all our military products and services using provided credential. If you are not registered yet, please contact us!

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